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When we travel the roads and freeways of California every day, we generally believe that we will reach our destination without incident. Yet every day, careless drivers cause hundreds of accidents on California roads that lead to countless injuries and fatalities.

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Fortunately, accident victims could file a claim against another driver's insurance to cover the cost of medical bills, lost wages, and other financial losses caused by the accident.

Martin Gasparian established Mason law to protect innocent drivers after this challenging situation. Mr. Gasparian has worked for large, nationwide corporations for over a decade and learned first-hand lessons about how insurance companies operate for their own benefit and for the benefit of accident victims who sometimes suffer and sometimes suffer. Mr. Gasparian then set up his law firm in California to give victims a voice, inform them of their rights, and ensure that they are empowered to make fair claims. These are things that an insurance agent would definitely not tell victims. 

Free car accident advice

If you have been the victim of a serious collision caused by another driver, do not leave your accident claim to the insurance coordinator. Contact Maison Law for a free, non-binding assessment of your case situation wherever you are in California. By providing legal representation, you will tell an insurance company that they will not be able to dismiss your physical, emotional, and financial hardship.

Do You Really Need a Car Accident Lawyer in California?

Is it fair to ask if you need a personal injury lawyer on a California freeway, city street, or back street after a traffic accident? The answer depends on the outcome of your conflict.

You may be shocked, but if your accident is mainly property damage, it will not be too difficult to get fair treatment when assessing your car damage. Insurance companies have standardized mainly the process of repairing or replacing cars.

This is an entirely different case when you or your loved one is seriously injured in an accident. A personal injury lawyer can prove essential in getting the compensation needed to pay for recovery. When the other driver is at fault, the insurance company should be responsible for every medical expense and loss you incur.

You should call your personal injury attorney when:

You were seriously injured in an accident.

Adjusters want to blame you for being part of an accident when you were not wrong.

Your accident involves multiple parties or is complicated.

Your accident was caused by a professional driver such as a large rig truck drive or a rideshare driver.

It is also essential to seek the advice of a skilled personal injury lawyer if you have been involved in an accident involving a government employee or a public transport vehicle. Accidents involving the city, state, or federal agencies can be particularly complex and often provide much stricter deadlines for victims to file injury claims. 

How much does a car accident injury case cost?

Many factors affect how much compensation you will receive after a car accident. It is impossible to predict the exact amount because each accident case is different. Injuries, even similar ones, can all be cured differently and require minimal medical care and expenses.

One of the key factors in determining the value of your claim is how much your injury changes your lifestyle and for how long. Here are some factors that can affect your car accident settlement:

The severity of your injury. A broken bone can lead to surgery, amputation, and permanent disability. After a crash, permanent brain damage, limb damage, paralysis, and other serious injuries. A permanent disability can reduce your independence and ability to support your family for life. Compensation can reach millions of dollars when it has to cover decades of care.

Lost money. The more time it takes to recover, the more time you can spend away from your office or job site. This means you will miss more paychecks and need more rewards.
Driver's insurance limit. The selected insurance provider and level of coverage of the negligent driver may also affect your final reward. Basic insurance coverage has a cap limit that can expire before all your hospital bills are paid.

Physical and emotional trauma. Non-financial compensation is paid for the pain you endure with your injury and the emotional turmoil you have suffered. Victims may experience mild anxiety and depression. They may also be unable to enjoy life when they give up activities of their choice, such as family travel, travel, hobbies, and exercise. 

Can an Attorney Help a Non-Injury Accident?

Property damage-only accident victims will typically be able to handle their insurance claims. They will usually receive the money needed to repair or replace a car. The car damage repair process has become fairly standard with the cooperation between the body shop and the insurance company.

However, if you are unjustifiably blamed for an accident that you did not cause, it is at least worthwhile to talk to a qualified car accident lawyer about your options.

A good car accident lawyer advises all victims to file for free without obligation. There is no risk in talking about your situation. Reputable car accident lawyers will always tell you when they can't improve your case's outcome.

This is essential because other lawyers may pressure you to sign with them when you do not really need legal help. These lawyers often take much of your insurance money without helping you.

Trust your case to a proven car accident lawyer like Martin Gasparian, founder of Mason Law. 

Contact a California car accident lawyer today

If you or your loved one is seriously injured in an accident caused by a careless driver, you may wonder if you need to cover the cost of recovery alone. That should never happen under California law. If you are not the cause of your accident, the person who did it and their insurer should be in the front and center to remove those financial burdens behind you.

Unfortunately, insurance companies will make the journey back to your everyday life more complicated than it used to be. They will have experienced adjusters and agents trying to weaken your case at every step. Make sure you have a Maison Law attorney who monitors your every exchange and communication with them.

After an accident involving a serious injury or tragic loss of life in California, contact Attorney Martin Gasparian for free, non-binding lawsuit advice for your family. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ".

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