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That’s where I’d love to begin

I suppose it’s natural that you’d start thinking about your death when someon…

The Best Albums of 2012

I swear, I’m not entirely a procrastinator. Just mostly. I started working on t…

I wanna shred your band

If Regina’s music scene has an abundance of anything, its bands that take the…

Every day should be Record Store Day.

I suppose we are only allotted a few cities in our lifetimes in which we migh…

Painters can be in bands too.

While that alone shouldn’t be a reason to give them any of your time, it pres…

Thanks you Europe, for giving us Canadian talent.

Come on Canada; stop listening to that  goddamn Colbie Caillat song . Just be…

You Can’t Stay Ignorant Forever

We all know that the pantheon of music is cluttered with irascible, miserable…

I less than three you.

Hey readers! I’m back from my self-imposed exile. Sorry about that. I had, uh…

This Is Distance More Than Miles

Once upon a time when punk rock was new, the few female performers that made …

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