"The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly- that is what each of us is here for." - Oscar Wilde.  

Make Aim In Life Most Important In Our Life

  Aiming or setting a goal is essential for every person because, without an aim, man is directionless. The purpose of life is to give meaning to life. A person is incomplete without an objective in life. It is essential that an aim is formulated and efforts are put in to achieve that aim. The following question should stimulate your thinking: Where will you be and what will you be doing ten years from today if you keep doing what you are doing now? You have to be bold enough to ask of life more than you may, right now, feel you are worth because it is an observable fact that people tend to rise to meet demands that are put upon them.

1. Set your goals short-term and long-term and then the time required for its achievement.

2. Determine how you spend your time. For this, you have to follow a schedule. The schedule can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or yearly.

For Setting your Goals

There are four essential things to keep in mind.

(a) Write down your goal. You will then begin to crystallize your thinking. The very act of thinking as you write will tend to create an indelible impression in your memory.

(b) Give yourself a deadline. Specify a time for achieving your objective. This is important in motivating you: set out in the direction of your goal and keep moving towards it.

(c) Set your standards high. There seems to be a direct relationship between ease in achieving a goal and the strength of your motives. And the higher you set your primary goal, generally speaking, the more concentrated will be the effort you make to achieve it. The reason is: logic will make it mandatory that you at least aim at an intermediate objective as well as an immediate one. So aim higher. And then have direct and intermediate steps leading towards its achievement. The following question should stimulate your thinking: where will you be and what will you be doing ten years from today if you keep doing what you are doing now?

(d) Aim high. It is peculiar that no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand prosperity and abundance, than is necessary to accept misery and poverty.

Evaluate Your Time Management:

  • How much time have you set aside to meet your goals (above)?
  • Does your time allocation reflect the priority of your dreams?
  • Can your uncommitted hours be reallocated to meet your priorities
  • List four activities that you would like to do in your uncommitted time

The aim is important in life because it brings all our energy into one. Robert Browning says teen life can be great if the goal is reached or not. It provides direction for our efforts. Our goal is to be like a guide star. What makes life shocking is the intention that when no man knows what a harbor he is building, then no wind is the right wind. There are many aims for men. Some want to be physicians, others want to be engineers and civil and military officers. Some want to be a poet, and some want to be a novelist. A goal that suits a person's temperament is the best for him. As is the case with others, so does mine. I wish. Be a professor of English. Teaching is not a paid job. Professors and teachers around the world are low-paid people. The reason is that the world cannot pay for their services. There are several reasons why I like it. First, teaching is a noble profession. The best people in the world are those who teach.

Others. To me, this is the only profession in which a man can best serve his nation:

Engineers can build large buildings, metalled roads, and huge dams, and physicians can treat and plant patients. The lives of the dead, civilians and military officers can be proud of their service to the nation. However, are they not · made by their professors and teachers? One teacher is like a ladder that keeps itself in place but helps the other get higher and higher. So instead

It's better to be an engineer, doctor, or officer to become a teacher "" Secondly ... I'm a good fit for this profession. I am 'delighted' to solve problems and explain them to others.

I am fond of reading and teaching. By taking this profession, learning will be able to lead a life. Third, the nature of the inquiry · may ask if I want to be a professor, why a professor of English.

The answer is that English literature is my favorite. A man can serve his nation only if he is interested in doing so.

Realizing such grand ambitions is possible only when a person spends time studying. To put it in front, I make men as hard as I work.

Whatever else I think about my goal, I am satisfied that this goal is by my taste and nature. So, I feel proud to be a teacher. Thanks 

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